viernes, el dieciseis de febrero


jueves, el quince de febrero

1. Quiciecito- Peru ( if you were absent- stay after school or during lunch time to make it up)
2. Finished Nasca Lines/Librito (mini-book) on Peru

miercoles, el catorce de febrero

1. create a book about Peru
2. 4-6 pages- 2 sentences per page and ilustrations (this will be extra credit)

martes, el trece de febrero

1. Finish lineas de Nasca
2. Hot Seat- questions about Peru

lunes, el doce de febrero

geogliphs of Peru.jpg

tarea: Write a brief summary on the "lineas de Nasca" in English; explain the theory behind it, the location of the lines, and the differnt shapes. Also include your opinion about the lines and its theory.

viernes, el nueve de febrero

period 2- musica worksheet "Eres mi Tesoro" by Jesse and Joy

period 6- substitute (movie The Lost City of the Incas)

Tarea: finish worksheet with song lyrics

jueves, el ocho de febrero

1. Gallery walk- Peru and ws with questions (turn in for a grade)

2. música- Eres mi Tesoro/worksheet

3. Perú cards- speaking activity

miércoles, el siete de febrero

1. Peru questions with cards/partners/speaking
2. Stamps- finish coloring and hang them on walls when finished for gallery walk tomorrow; as you listen to Jesse y Joy- Mi Tesoro (my treasure)
3. Mi Tesoro- musica y actividades

martes, el seis de febrero

period 2- Stamps and 5 minute writing about Peru
period 6- Machu Picchu packet

lunes, el cinco de febrero

Watch the videos and write about Lima in Spanish. You must write in 5 minutes. Sweet and short paragraph.

viernes, el dos de febrero (period 6) y lunes, el cinco de febrero (period 2 )


Los españoles conquistaron Perú

2. Listening activity/draw what you hear

3. Free write about Perú in Spanish- using vocabulary notes and verbs

jueves, el primero (uno) de febrero

Periodo 2- Watched documentary and filled out chart about Perú
2. notes/apuntes

miércoles, el treinta y uno de enero

Period 2 class- Mid-term exams
1. Building background on Perú
2. Fill out chart on Perú based on documentary watched in class
3. Collected worksheet

martes, el treinta de enero

I was out.
Sub work was given; if you're absent I excused you this time.

Viernes, el veintiseis de enero

1. Period 2- Practice Mid-term exam links (go to Spanish 2 class; click on MID term PRACTICA link)
2. Period 6- Mid term exam today

jueves, el veinticinco de enero

1. Computers to review for mid-term exam (period 6 only)
2. Period 2- questions around the room activity (not a grade) practice with conjugations
3. Musica- Quisiera 1/2 sheet activities


miércoles, el veinticuatro de enero

Study this information for quiz
2. Quiz today; car-gar-zar conjugations and past tense endings
3. Tarea: no

martes, el veintitres de enero

1. Read pages 342-345 from textbook. Write at least a full page translation in English about the reading. What did you understand from the readings? Use a lot of detail in your writing and visuals/drawings representing Perú.
Tarea: no

lunes, el veintidos de enero de 2018

Essential question: Why is important to be able to conjugate verbs in the past tense correctly in Spanish? What are the differences and similarities between present and past tense?
PRETERITO-past tense conjugations
Quizlet- twin verbs practica
Rags to Riches- Preterito

tarea: CAR-GAR-ZAR crossword

QUICIECITO mañana on conjugations preterit verbs and time words

viernes, el diecinueve de enero de 2018

PRETERITO-past tense conjugations
Quizlet- twin verbs practica
Rags to Riches- Preterito

Hangman IR

Tarea: worksheet CAR-GAR-ZAR verbs

jueves, el dieciocho de enero de 2018

1. Kahoot with past tense

2. CAR-GAR-ZAR notes

3. Period 2- around the room actividad

miércoles, el diecisiete de enero de 2018

1. review hw assignment

2. Finish filling out the yellow book conjugations

3. Scavenger hunt game with past conjugations

martes, el dieciséis de enero de 2018

1. Using verbs in context notes

2. Roba y Rola- partido using verbs in context

3. Tarea: worksheet with past tense conjugations and questions

Viernes, el doce de diciembre de 2018

Periodo 6

1. warm-up: 1/2 sheet about verb IR in the preterit/past tense

2. musica- song with verb IR

3. fill out worksheet with conjugations for verb IR-to go and review answers

4. Pop-quiz: Verb IR- 12 pts total

jueves, el once de enero de 2018
PARCC testing: periods 4, 1, 2, 3 today

1. warm-up: 1/2 sheet about verb IR in the preterit/past tense
2. musica- song with verb IR
3. fill out worksheet with conjugations for verb IR-to go and review answers
4. Pop-quiz: Verb IR- 12 pts total
5. Roba y Rola- fun game of writing sentences
Check notes for credit from last week as you play the game

miercoles, el tres de enero de 2018

I was out- substitute work

copy vocabulary notes 1 and 2 from pg. 377 in your textbook and pgs. 354; 356

complete activity 2 from pg. 374

QUIZLET- Irregular verbs

viernes, el siete de abril

jueves, el seis de abril
  • notebook presentation pre-chapter 1
  • read chapter 1
  • characters worksheet
viernes, el treinta y un de marzo
QUIZ hoy
PERU Fill in the apuntes/notes about Perú

jueves, el treinta de marzo
Quiciecito mañana on expressions+ infinitives and vocabulary - places of interest (things to do)
Practice with the links below for the quiz
quizlet - vocab / places of interest
QUIZLET- Verbs+ infinitives
Duolingo when finished

martes y miercoles, el veintiocho y veintinueve de marzo
Substitute both days; I was out sick

lunes, el veintisiete de marzo

viernes, el veinticuatro de marzo

jueves, el veintitres de marzo
  • finish presentations
  • música = el taxi
  • vocab - 1/2 sheet
música = el taxi with vocabulario
miércoles, el veintidós de marzo
  • continue presentations
  • worksheets: crossword ws
  • weather ws (period 7 only)

martes, el veintiún de marzo
  • present projects to class
  • fill in listening chart

lunes, el veinte de marzo
  • finish projects
  • practice presentations
  • prepare for presentations all week
viernes, el diecisiete de marzo
  • start projects
  • see rubric

jueves, el dieciseis de marzo
  • fill in blanks as listening to story
  • translate the story
  • write your own story
  • go over rubric for project coming up

miércoles, el quince de marzo
  • goo over vocab notes, transportation vocab and things to do
  • fill in blanks with words / context from notes
  • TOCA game with vocab

martes, el catorce de febrero
copy vocab from textbook pg. 360-361 in your cuaderno
Write about your past vacation, where you went, what you did using verbs in past tense (half-page to a full-page)
Turn in work for a grade (keep the notes)

lunes, el trece de marzo
  • transporte pictures
  • identify means of transportation
  • why you would prefer to travel that way
  • activity w/ partners
  • TOCA - with vocab words
viernes, el diez de marzo
  • practice with computers
  • pop quiz - weather
QUIA- JUEGOS-Preterito regular

jueves, el nueve de marzo
Pronostico del tiempo- weather forecast project due by the end of class today.
Practice below when done with projects

miércoles, el ocho de marzo
  • video of weather forecast in spanish
  • speaking activity
  • create a weather forecast with spanish vocab and pictures / drawings with color
  • rubric for mmini project

martes, el siete de marzo

Watch the video and change the verb HACER to preterito conjugations and change the word today to yesterday.
Use notes given to you. Period 3- Complete notes on tiempo and hacer conjugations.
Describe the "temperatura" today and the "tiempo" yesterday in Spanish to a partner/speaking activity.
speaking activity
video: qué tiempo hace hoy? Qué tiempo hizo ayer?

lunes, el seis de marzo
magazine articles

viernes, el tres de marzo

jueves, el dos de marzo
  • conjugation hacer (past tense)
  • Can you recognize your sentence structures
    • sentence strips - put conversation in spanish in order with partners
    • hablamos - parejas / pictures
    • weather (hacer)
    • writing assignment - wswriting assignment peer review- turn in today for a grade

miércoles, el primero de marzo

  • música - prince roycs / shakira - deja vu (bachata)

martes, el veintiocho de febrero
  • reading
  • complete activity w/ reading
  • categorize verbs / underline them
  • writing assignment = writing a new story using the vocabulary given to you

lunes, el veintisiete de febrero
  • quiz - IR verb, writing sentences, time words
  • un viaje especial - reading w/ activities

viernes, el veinticuatro de febrero
  • computer practice (conjugations)
  • música worksheet / lyrics
  • quiz monday - conjugations

jueves, el veintitres de febrero
Kahoot pretérito
QUICIECITO Mañana- Verb IR preterito/time words (study them) come prepared!!!!
identify the pretérito verbs - make a list
  • What do they mean in English?
  • Writing assignment- start in class; finish in class Friday.

miércoles, el veintidós de febrero

  • spin game = conjugations = conjugate / subject used in a sentence
  • la gozadera = song / lyrics
  • identify the pretérito verbs - make a list
  • what do they mean?

martes, el veintiun de febrero
Finish Pictionary project from Friday Do not use online translators

Quizlet- twin verbs practica
Rags to Riches- Preterito
Hangman IR

viernes, el diecisiete de febrero
  • song IR again
  • duolingo - 20 minutes
  • create a Pictionary worksheet with sentences using the verb IR-preterito+ picture to represent the sentence+ a time word (ayer, anteayer, anoche, el año pasado, el verano pasado, etc...) Print it out and turn it in for a grade. See class model for an example.
quizlet- IR and SER preteritopractice with conjugations

jueves, el dieciseis de febrero
Take notes on worksheet provided to you
period 7- quiciecito hoy
Finish lyrics worksheet for Vente Pa' ca song

miércoles, el quince de febrero
  • música - ven pa'ca ricky
  • ricky bio
  • quiciecito = period 6
  • period 3 = finish presentations - books (libritos) jake
  • period 6 & 7 - finish presentations

martes, el catorce de febrero
Feliz Dia de San Valentín- non graded activity for fun

lunes, el trece de febrero
  • period 3- quiciecito
  • present book covers
  • review preterite - ws
  • skit - create a conversation w/ partner
  • adoñde quieres viajar con tu valentín
  • quiero viajar a... con mi valentín
  • give students colored cards w/ same #'s board game

viernes, el diez de febrero
  • quiciecito / pretérito / viajar
  • computer - 15 min games

jueves, el nueve de febrero
  • period 3 - computer day
  • periods 6 + 7 - pep rally
  • quizlet / pretérito / viajar

miércoles, el ocho de febrero
  • warm-up - 2 sentences with: quiero viajar a... viaje a
  • quiero viajar a Puerto Rico
  • música - Mark Anthony - Puerto Rico colore ws

martes, el siete de febrero
  • a viajar - chapter 10
  • presentation on verb viajar
  • write sentences 3x each on notebook withpartner using pictures
  • interview classmates about where they want to travel to - turn in slips

lunes, el seis de febrero
  • cards 19-3
  • collect random student paper
  • viajar - viajaste el verano pasado
  • photos using sentences from board
  • speaking

viernes, el tres de febrero

quizizz- preterito juego/partido/game- computadoras
Hablamos- cards
Duolingo- rest of the class

jueves, el dos de febrero
cards with a partner/stations- conjugations 1-18
cucharas partido/preterito

miercoles, el primero de febrero
  • Around the room cards activity
  • cups activity- sort out the verbs in the pretérito

Review CAR GAR ZAR uses with this powerpoint!!!

martes, el treinta y uno de enero
finish scavenger hunt- (period 3/start)
cucharas- game
white boards conjugations
lunes, el treinta de enero
scavenger hunt- preterito (periods 6 and 7)
worksheet (period 6)
miercoles, el veinticinco de enero
period 3- mid term exam
Car-Gar-Zar verb ws
martes, el veinticuatro de enero
games to practice preterito conjugations

lunes, el veintitres de enero
period 3- continue review for the exam/computadoras
periods 6 and 7- Mid term exams

viernes, el veinte de enero
  • practice conjugation - cucharas game
  • computer practice on wiki
  • mid term exam practice

jueves, el diecinueve de enero
practica- computers
PRETERITO-past tense conjugations

miercoles, el dieciocho de enero
listening activity about Peru- draw what you hear.
Introduction to the preterito verb tense- blue books to be glued to notebooks (grab it with Sra. Kurtz and copy from a buddy if you are absent)

martes, el diecisiete de enero
As you watch it; take notes in your notebook.
Game- TOCA with perú
Use notes from PPT below and from video in class and complete a worksheet with a partner. Turn in for a grade.

viernes, el trece de enero
En tu cuaderno- apuntes/take notes on Peru- complete the questions for practice at the end of PPT
Que ves en el video? What do you see in the video? Write about the geography of Lima. Use "Lima tiene.., Lima es..., Lima está... cerca de...."
  • pop-quiz / vocabulario open notes
  • computers - PPT about Perú
  • virtual tours of Machu Picchu, Nazca lines
  • Lima video - talk about geography of Lima

Explore Machu Picchu and the Nazca lines online. Click on the links below.
Explora Machu Picchu 3D virtual tour
Las líneas de Nasca 3D virtual tour

jueves, el doce de enero
  • commercial - inca kola
  • use reading with activity = Perú
  • música - quisiera
  • period 3: start reading with partner
  • what did you understand from it
  • activity ws
  • música - quisiera

Machu Picchu reading and worksheet (turn in)

miércoles, el once de enero

las comidas- take out a picture and name it; talk about it with a partner (describe the dish)
lectura/reading- Perú with an activity
Ceviche recipe video

lunes y martes, el nueve y diez de enero
Snow days, no class

viernes, el seis de enero
Mrs. Kurtz was out
Copy vocabulary 1 and 2 from chapter 10-Textbook
Read about Peru Chapter 10 and write a summary about what you were able to understand in English

jueves, el cinco de enero
Draw Machu Picchu in detail after looking at the virtual tour
Mrs. Kurtz was out