el treinta de enero, viernes

Toma apuntes (notes) y completa las actividades en un papel.


el veintinueve de enero, jueves

Costa Rica

Tarea: worksheet pg. 81
el veintiocho de enero, miercoles
sra. Kurtz was out
see plans for spanish 3 class
el veintisiete de enero, martes
sra. Kurtz was out
movie : the lion king- make a list of all animals, nature and weather vocab from movie (in Spanish)
tarea: no
el veintitres de enero, viernes
  • no class-pep rally
  • tarea: none
el veintidos de enero, jueves
el veintiun de enero, miercoles
  • midterm exam
  • tarea: none
el veinte de enero, martes
  • review midterm computers
  • finish my wildself drawings/descriptions
  • tarea: none
el dieceseis de enero, viernes

el quince de enero, jueves
  • categories-partner activity worksheet
  • preterite/imperfect worksheet
  • tarea: nature worksheet
el catorce de enero, miércoles
  • no school
el trece de enero, martes
el doce de enero, lunes
el cinco de noviembre, miércoles

  • Pre-test assessment for chapters 7 and 8
  • cut out masks and hang them

Tarea: write a 1/2 page about your weekend on your composition notebook.

el veintiun de febrero, viernes
  • Present projects and fill out evaluation sheets
Tarea: No
el veinte de febrero, jueves
Tarea: No
el diecinueve de febrero, miercoles
  • Continue to work on projects
Tarea: wordsearch worksheet
el dieziocho de febrero, martes
  • Write and create a project on your summer vacation of 2014 - use verbs in the future tense; include 4 activities you will do, 2 places you want to visit and people you want to bring with you.
  • PBT project rubric - started today - bring in flashdrives
Tarea: no