viernes, el tres de junio
NO CLASE- period 6
Period 3- Presentation of projects (if any)

jueves, el nueve de junio

Period 3- Projects are due

miercoles,el ocho de junio
projects are due (presentation if you choose options D or E)

martes, el siete de junio

  • trabajar con los proyectos- Due on Wednesday, June 8th NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

lunes, el seis de junio
  • trabajar con los proyectos- Due on Wednesday, June 8th NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

viernes, el tres de junio

  • listening monsters activity - drawing
  • me duele la cabeza song
  • bingo body parts
    • make up day (if you own me any work please use this time to work on it)
    • Las partes del cuerpo- actividad de escuchar

Tarea: Prepare for projects next week

jueves, el dos de junio

  • me duele la cabeza song
  • me duele verb conjugation and body parts
  • drawings / monsters

Tarea: identify body parts

miércoles, el primero de junio

Juego- las partes del cuerpo
Las partes del cuerpo-vocabulario

Tarea: worksheet on partes del cuerpo (identify the pics)


lunes y martes, el quince y dieciseis de Junio
  • Periods 1 & 3 finals

viernes, el doce de Junio
  • Period 6- Final exam
  • Periods 1 & 3- Present projects

jueves, el once de Junio
  • Present projects
Tarea: none

miercoles, el diez de junio
  • Work on projects- due Friday

Tarea: none

martes,el nueve de junio
  • Work on projects- due Friday
Tarea: none

lunes, el ocho de junio
  • Start projects- due Wednesday or Thursday
  • Present them on Friday
  • Period 6- Final exam on friday
Tarea: Final Review online

viernes, el cinco de junio
  • Finish drawings- periods 1 & 3
  • What do you suggest I do for my injuries- notes
  • Speaking activity
  • Go over pg. 37 tarea
  • Partido- game- body parts
Tarea: read over rubric

jueves, el 4 de Junio
  • Project Rubric- go over it
  • Monstruos- worksheet with body parts
Tarea: Cuaderno pg. 37

miercoles, el 3 de Junio
  • Finish songs and present
  • Lastimarse- verb and injuries
  • Reading with injuries/ pics
  • Draw what you hear
Tarea: none

martes, el dos de junio
  • la cabeza- song
  • worksheet with me duele
  • Reading- sports- grupos de 2
  • answering questions
  • Per.1 - create their own songs
  • Per.3- slap game
  • Per.6- slap game
period 1- worksheet
period 3 &6- draw your body and label body parts learned in class

lunes, el primero de junio
  • Video- Olympics- complete chart
  • verb- lastimarse- to get hurt
  • Body Parts- chart (notes)
  • Video- me duele...
Tarea: write 3 sentences with verbs Lastimarse, or doler and body parts

viernes, el veintinueve de mayo

only one athlete NOT TWO
  • Describe your favorite athlete If you were not in class you are responsible for completing this assignment at home and turn in by next Friday.
  • Using computers- in pairs- you must choose an athlete of your choice and describe the sport that they play including a description of the athlete
  • Tarea: none

jueves, el veintiocho de mayo
  • Toca with partner to review vocab
  • Sports reading with questions
  • Tarea: 1/2 worksheet w/ questions

miércoles, el veintisiete de mayo

Tarea: worksheet with sports you like to watch and play.

martes, el veintiséis de mayo

  • intro to sports vocab- make a list of sports you already know in Spanish and a list of new sports.
  • Computers to research words in order to describe a sport of your choice.
  • Cover the following questions:
  • what do you need to have in order to play this sport?
  • why do you like it?
  • when did you play or watch the sport last?
  • Make sure to include a picture and that you use a white sheet of paper.
El Tenis-
Me gusta jugar al tenis porque es fantastico. Para jugar el tenis necesito una raqueta de tenis y una pelota de tenis. Yo miré al tenis ayer en la television y jugué ayer con mi equipo.

Tarea: worksheet- crossword and vocabulary list handout

miércoles, el veintisiete de mayo

el veintiocho de mayo, miércoles
  • me duele worksheet
  • Quiz- Body parts
  • Project rubric
Tarea: pg. 43
el veintisiete de mayo, martes
  • posters with pictures- around the room
  • verb caerse- notes
  • project- rubrics
Tarea: Quiz tomorrow!!! Body Parts; injuries and advices
el veintitres de mayo, viernes
  • Periods 1 and 3: película
  • Period 6:
  • finish presenting monsters and role plays
  • worksheet with injuries
Tarea: no
el veintidos de mayo, jueves
Tarea: Quiciecito el miércoles/body parts Mayo 28

el veintiún de mayo, miércoles
  • Period 6- Mrs. Kurtz was not in class
  • Subwork
el veinte de mayo, martes
  • no periods 1 and 3 classes- HSA schedule
  • Period 6- injuries/que pasó worksheet with pictures
  • finish Miami movie/worksheet
  • maybe present monsters to class
Tarea: Quiciecito el miércoles/body parts Mayo 28
el diecinueve de mayo, lunes
  • No period 6 class- HSA testing schedule
  • que pasó worksheet with injuries/pictures- collected for a grade
  • presented monsters to class
  • took apuntes/notes in class- get it from a classmate
Tarea: Quiciecito el miércoles/body parts Mayo 28

El Dieciseis de Mayo, Viernes
  • Me duele la cabeza game
  • La Florida DVD-Worksheet
  • Tarea- No
El Quince de Mayo, Jueves
  • Finish monsters/ period 6- start montruos
  • Song-Body Parts
  • Tarea: 5 Sentences with verb "Me Duele" and body parts.
El Catorce de Mayo, Miercoles
  • Verb doler-to hurt notes
  • Translation- Papers, collect for grade
  • Monstruos-Create a monster with different body parts
  • Tarea: Other side worksheet from last night Pg. 45
El Trece de Mayo, Martes
  • Handout with body parts
  • Song-Lyrics Touch your body parts
  • Translation with body parts-Partner activity
  • Tarea: Worksheet with body parts
El Doce de Mayo- Lunes
  • Subwork
El Nueve de Mayo- Viernes
  • Quiz- Sports/ Expresssions
  • Per.1- La Conga Song
  • Per. 3- Finish role plays
  • Tarea: No
El Ocho de Mayo, Jueves
El Seite de Mayo, Miercoles
  • Finish role plays and present them to class
  • Pittbull- Calleocho song
  • Quiz- Friday Sports vocab and expressions
  • Period 6- Quiz Tomorrow on Sports and expressions
  • Tarea: No
El Seis de Mayo, Martes
  • Learn about Miami-Calleocho-DVD Tutor
  • Role plays using vocab Pgs. 127-128
  • See activity-Paper-with #12-Clocks
  • Tarea: Pg. 39
El Cinco de Mayo, Lunes
  • Students will: Finish coloring flags
  • Re-Enact the battle of "Puebla" that took place on Cinco de Mayo
  • Use vocabulary words in Spanish during the Re-Enactment.
  • Tarea: no
El Dos de Mayo, Viernes
  • Color flags for Cinco de Mayo celebration
  • Little history on Cinco de Mayo
  • Speaking activity
  • Finish Notes (Periods 1-3) copy from period 3 Clocks, partners, phone, or book
  • Tarea: No
El Primero de Mayo, Jueves
  • Period 6: Quiz; Speaking activity and TOCA with vocab.
  • Periods 1 and 3: Quiz; TOCA game and notes on reactions and emotions
  • Tarea: Pg. 37
El treinta de abril, miércoles
  • periodos 1 and 3- Cinco de Mayo video and worksheet
  • Period 6-
El veintinueve de abril, martes
  • Partido- game with vocabulario
  • Speaking activity with new vocab
  • crossword worksheet with new sports and extra sports
  • El Jai Alai- video
Tarea: crossword worksheet with sports
El veintiocho de abril, lunes
  • Cuban American video
  • Cuban Influence in Miami-Florida
  • New vocabulario- handout notes and PPT pictures
  • Cards activity- listing which vocab words are sports and which ones are not
Tarea: write about 3 sports you like to play or would like to try. Use me gusta and me gustaría with your sentences.