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viernes, el veintidos de mayo
  • Follow directions
  • Quiz- directions
Tarea: none
jueves, el veintiun de mayo
  • Final draft- directions (projects due today)
  • Peer editing
  • Extra Credit- kids that are finished
Tarea: Study for quiz

miercoles, el veinte de mayo
HSA testing- period 6 class
  • Peer edit directions draft from last Friday
  • Final draft due Thusday


martes, el diecinueve de mayo
HSA testing- periods 1 and 3 classes
  • Peer edit directions draft from last Friday
  • Final draft due Thusday
lunes, el dieciocho de mayo
HSA testing- period 6 only- incentive in A4
No work due
Tarea: QUIZ ON THURSDAY!!!! Directions
PROJECT DUE THURSDAY (final draft-edited)

viernes, el quince de mayo
  • writing directions around the school
  • rubric for project- directions
Tarea: none

jueves, el catorce de mayo
  • Practice vocab directions
Tarea: pg. 33- cuaderno
las direcciones
Las direcciones quizlet

Tarea: cuaderno pg. 33
miercoles, el trece de mayo
  • follow a set of directions in groups of two around the school
  • Speaking activity with partners- giving and following directions orally
Tarea: worksheet with vocabulario 2- identify the pictures

martes, el doce de mayo

  • mapas- listening activity
  • map with writing activity
  • map with questions.jpg
  • speaking activity with map
Tarea: Quiz on Thursday/Friday?

lunes, el once de mayo
  • period 1- watch video and finish notes
  • Practice with map- pictures following directions
  • Periods 3+6- more examples
  • map activity with partner
  • speaking activity
Tarea: finish worksheet with map

viernes, el ocho de mayo

  • take notes on your little paper about the video on how to give directions in Spanish
  • practica- using a mapa practice writing directions in Spanish. Refer to your notes.

Tarea: Quiciecito next week on directions

jueves, el siete de mayo
  • video on directions/ notes
  • questions with maps in groups
Tarea: none

miércoles, el seis de mayo
1. Donde está la comisaría?
2. Donde está la casa?
3. Donde está la peluquería?
4. Donde está la clínica?
5. Donde está la carnicería?
6. Donde está la estación de tren?
7. Donde está el cementério?
8. Donde está la frutería?
9. Donde está la pescadeía?
10. Donde está el banco?
  • map with questions
  • trace the route from the story on your map
  • Few words from second vocab- introduction with pictures
  • Speaking activity
Tarea: pg. 26 #4

martes, el cinco de mayo

  • Finish watching a movie on Cinco de mayo (period 6 did not finish it)
  • Work with stores worksheet and complete activities 2, 3, and 4
Tarea: write 5 complete sentences saying where Ricardo went
Period 6- Finish worksheet/reading activities on a separate sheet of paper

lunes, el cuatro de mayo
  • reading- stores
  • Places- list them on separate paper
  • cinco de mayo movie- quiz worksheet
Tarea: list of questions

jueves, el treinta de abril
  • Quiz- hoy on prepositions and furniture vocab
  • Review with preposition cards
  • Review with true/false
  • Tarea- worksheet- fui/pics
  • Go over hw- tienda papel

miercoles, el veintinueve de abril
  • Periods 3 y 6- Speaking questions with bags.
  • Period 1- Questions on paper. Answer them in complete sentences.
  • Walking bingo
Tarea: worksheet with "fui" and pictures.
Quiz jueves- tomorrow on prepositions; estar and vocabulary.

martes, veintiocho de abril
  • Use sentences with new vocab to draw stores/ location
  • Bags with cards/ new vocab
  • matching- use questions to ask partners- new vocab
Tarea: pg. 25 #1

lunes, el veintisiete de abril
Period 1 only
  • 2nd reading with questions
  • Finish drawings
  • Describe pictures
  • Introduce new vocab
Tarea: none

viernes, el veinticuatro de abril
  • reading drawings and pictures
pds. 3 and 6-
  • Finish drawings/reading
  • introduce pueblos vocab with stores and using prepositions of place
  • drawings after reading with new vocab giving location
  • handouts on ch. 3
Tarea: identify the stores- pictures using new vocab

jueves, el veintitres de abril
  • Reading with vocab
  • Picture- drawing with a partner
  • questions about reading
  • Pictures- rooms of the house for speaking prepositions
Tarea: Print out pictures of the house and write sentences. one sentence per room

miercoles, el veintidos de abril
  • NOTES: prepositions
  • cards- matching spanish and english
  • memory game with cards
  • partner activity worksheet with sentences and drawings
Tarea: cuaderno pg. 21

martes, el veintiun de abril
  • video and notes- posters
Pds 3 and 6-
  • Prepositions- notes
  • cards with prepositions
  • Partner activity A & B with drawings
Tarea: 1/2 sheet of paper with questions and drawings

lunes, el veinte de abril
  • No first period class today-PARCC
  • preposiciones- video and apuntes/notes
  • you will need take notes from video
  • around the room activities with posters- you say a sentence to a partner and they write what they hear in the poster
  • Questions from smart presentation (as a class)
Tarea: 1/2 sheet with pictures and questions


El Veinticinco de Abril, Viernes
  • Speaking activity with map- Partners
  • Follow directions- Project and answer 3 questions from rubric-Turn in, 10 pts.
  • Partido- Game of Brilla
  • Tarea: No-Start Chapter 4 next week
el veinticuatro de abril, jueves
Tarea: no
el Veintitres de abril, miércoles
  • Write and follow directions around the school.
  • Speaking Activity: Give directions without using notes. (Maps)
  • Tarea: No
el veintidos de abril, martes
  • write and follow directions in groups using a map
  • Create a set of directions to practice following them around the school
Tarea: pg. 32 workbook
el diez y seis de abril, miercoles
  • Movie - La Bamba/Frozen
Tarea: No
el quince de abril, martes
  • Map with directions - listening activity; with worksheet
  • Creating new set of directions - using map on the board
  • Worksheet with map and questions
Tarea: No
el catorce de abril, lunes
  • Review vocab 2
  • Directions notes (print out) Chapter 3 + las direcciones + Notes
  • Worksheet with directions and map
  • Easy maps first to follow directions (PPT)
  • Create new directions and destination
Tarea: worksheet with wordsearch
el once de abril, viernes
  • review vocabulary for quiz- partido(game)
  • Song- irregulars
  • quiz- irregulars and vocabulary 1 + expressions
Tarea: no (period 6- worksheet)
el diez de abril, jueves
irregulars preterito
Vocabulario 2
vocabulario 1
Vocabulario capitulo 3
  • Song - irregulars
  • Computers - practice
Tarea: worksheet
el nueve de abril, miercoles
  • Vocab 2 (period 6 did not have time)
  • Reading with irregulars - questions / answer them on a separate sheet of paper
  • Song irregulars
  • Vocab #2 pics-
Tarea: pg. 31
el ocho de abril, martes
  • Dice game with irregulars - conjugations
  • Speaking and writing activity
  • Reading activity with verbs / vocab. Answer questions on paper.
Tarea: Choose 5 irregulars and use it in a sentence
el siete de abril, lunes
  • Review irregulars video - song / Juego de dados
  • Speaking and writing activity using preterite verbs including irregulars
  • Reading worksheet (maybe)
Tarea: pg. 30
el cuatro de abril, viernes

Irregular verbs song with lyrics- fill in blanks
irregulars worksheet
Tarea: no
El tres de abril, jueves
Tarea: no
el dos de abril, miercoles

  • Collected last night's homework for a quiz grade
  • Hablamos - index cards with places - say what would you do at each place - partners
  • Preterito conjugations and present conjugations
  • White boards to practice

Tarea: workbook pg. 29
el primero de abril, martes

  • Review vocabulary words and talk about where can you go to buy/find the following things
  • Review present/preterite tenses of going to and went to
  • Worksheet with places - where you must go
  • Speaking activity with partners - same worksheet
  • Partido - game with vocab

Tarea: worksheet preterite tense/pics
el veintiocho de marzo, viernes

  • Quiz Chapter 3 vocab A (1)
  • Finish creating imaginary towns

Tarea: No (take projects home if not finished
el veintisiete de marzo, jueves

  • Continue working on posters - towns
  • Quiz tomorrow on vocabulary words and preterite verbs

Tarea: worksheet
el veinticinco de marzo, martes

  • Review vocab with a game
  • Create a town on paper in groups that must have
    • 10 stores labeled in Spanish
    • 10 sentences saying what you would buy or do at this place
    • Everything must be colored and presentable

Tarea: pg. 26
el veinticuatro de marzo, lunes

  • New vocab plans - nots pg.s 87-89
  • Cuaderno de actividades pg 21
  • Dominican Republic video - intro
  • Intro to new vocab - capitulo 3 - speaking activity
  • Quiz this Friday - new vocab + preterite verbs

Tarea: pg. 25