jueves, el veintiséis de marzo

los quehaceres y expresiones

viernes, el diecisiete de abril
  • la casa
  • La casa
  • la casa put the muebles in the correct rooms
  • La casa vocabulario + extra vocab words
  • Vocab review- house/chores/professions with pictures
  • Computers to review
Tarea: no

jueves, dieciseis de abril
  • Present skits/projects to class
  • If time allows- partido/slap game

Tarea: none

miercoles, quince de abril
  • Work with actual questions for project
  • Practice interviewing with different partners
Tarea: prepare for project tomorrow

martes, el catorce de abril
  • Projects- work with questions and ads
  • Choose one profession but work to practice answering questions w/ partner
Tarea: none

lunes, el trece de abril
  • study job advertisements in order to interview classmates
  • Job ads (PBT)
  • Use questions from PBT to use with ads
Tarea: write 5 sentences using verbs and pics
Kahoot capitulo 2- la casa y los quehaceres

viernes, diez de abril
  • Periods 1 & 3- bingo activity with verbs from story (cuento)
  • Period 6- Fill in the blanks from story with verbs/ conjugated; matching activity with pics
  • Toca with verbs
Tarea: none

jueves, nueve de abril
  • Warm-up- matching with pictures
  • Story- fill in the blanks with verbs (conjugations) (not period 6)
  • Pictures with verbs- speaking
  • TOCA/ listening/ verbs
Tarea: pg.23

miercoles, el ocho de abril
  • Read the story in partners
  • Matching with pictures
  • Creating sentences with verbs
  • Pictures with numbers- talk about it using verbs
Tarea: pg. 20 workbook

martes, el siete de abril
  • leemos un cuento- read a story
  • worksheet with cuento
  • UNO partido to review
Tarea: no
Quiz tomorrow- 6th period only
martes, el treinta y un de marzo
lunes, el treinta de marzo
Tarea: none; quiz tomorrow for periods 1 and 3
Quiz today- period 6 (the quiz is on house vocabulary and chores; you will need to know what the vocab means in Spanish and English)

viernes, el veintisiete de marzo
  • Kim/Kanye's house vocab notebook extra notes-(el refrigerador-fridge; el horno- oven; la mesa- table; las sillas- chairs; el microondas- mircrowave; la sala- living room; el comedor- dinning room; el jardin- garden; la habitacion- room; la cocina- kitchen; el bano- bathroom)
  • Students will identify vocabulary individually- Write down what you see and hear (students not in class will not have to complete this)
  • Los muebles- TOCA game
  • Using verbs from list- write a sentence and draw a representation of the sentence (little piece of paper- periods 1 and 3 only)
  • Tarea: Quiz Monday for 6th period on house and chores vocab
  • Periods 1 and 3- quiz on Tuesday on same vocab

jueves, el veintiseis de marzo
  • Powerpoint on house- pictures
  • Perro video- quehaceres/ write all the chores you can identify in spanish
  • Charades- using expressions
  • Tarea: pg. 19 # 10 only from workbook

miercoles, el veinticinco de marzo
  • Leer un cuento sobre los quehaceres y usarlos con vocabulario
  • story and questions
  • speaking activity
  • Act out chores (commands)
  • Charades as a class
Tarea: write about what a maid would do as her job

martes, el veinticuatro de marzo
  • Review HW- video chores
  • Notes- chores (see notes below) Expressions with infinitives
  • worksheet (collected)
  • cards- speaking activity
  • La cenicienta
Tarea: Que te toca hacer en tu casa? 3 things you must do at home (chores)

Expressions with infinitives (verbs not conjugated)
  • Hay que- you must
  • Debes- you should
  • Tienes que- you have too
  • Haz el favor de- please do/make..
  • me, te, le, nos, les toca- my turn, his/her turn, your turn, our turn, their turn

lunes, el veintitres de marzo
  • Finish quiz (pds. 1 and 6)
  • JOB Bingo worksheet- speaking activity with professions/introductions
  • No es justo -> quehaceres -> quisiera -> videos
Tarea: make a list of chores you do at home; or don't do

Los quehaceres- chores
  • Lavar los platos- wash dishes
  • Quitar el polvo/ sacudir los muebles- to dust
  • Hacer la cama- to make the bed
  • Dar de comer al perro/ al gato- to feed the dog/cat.
  • Lavar la ropa- wash clothes
  • Cortar el cesped- to cut the grass
  • Pasar la aspiradora- to vaccumm
  • Barrer el piso- to sweep the floor
  • Organizar la habitacion/cuarto= organize your room
  • Limpiar el bano- to clean the bathroom
  • Quitar la mesa- to clean up the table
  • Poner la mesa- to set the table

viernes, el veinte de marzo
  • quiciecito las profesiones (finish on Monday)
  • You can use your study guide for quiz
  • Kahoot.it partido
Tarea: no
jueves, el diecinueve de marzo
miercoles, El dieciocho de marzo
  • worksheet on professions
  • Advertisement papers- write about it.
  • Cuaderno de actividades; page 104
Tarea: study for quiz friday

martes, el diecisiete de marzo
  • videos with questions worksheet
  • charades- professions
  • presented drawings to class- professions
  • played with cards- guessing professions
  • colored papers- questions and answers

lunes, el dieciseis de marzo
  • Watch both videos and complete the worksheet
  • Period 1- will draw profession and present
  • Periods 3 and 6- will present professions to class
  • work in partners for speaking activity
  • complete videos and worksheet
Tarea: Study for quiz coming up this week

Viernes, el trece de marzo
  • Periods 3 y 6- Mrs. Kurtz is out today
  • You will draw a profession that interests you and describe what it is in Spanish
  • You must also write a description of this profession in Spanish
  • It must be colored and you must draw big using a white sheet of paper.
  • See exemple:

    external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQbh4yRlCbHVlIIjgavphlGesFC2Q0-J1x3oO8gETqYprcItquRFuJl0tY
    (You need to draw and color your profession)

    Soy profesora.

    Enseño Español.

    Me gusta ser profesora! Es fantástico!!!

Tarea: no
jueves, el doce de marzo
Tarea: worksheet on professions

miercoles, el once de marzo
  • No 1st period class today - PARCC assessment
  • Make a list of professions you hear in the video in Spanish and English
  • Reading- professions with activities
  • Partido- game con vocabulario
Tarea: cuaderno pg. 14

lunes, el 9 de marzo
Sp. 2- Pd. 1 only
  • Reading- Professions with activities
  • Video- Machu Picchu and worksheet

tarea: Blue workbook Pg. 14

el 25 de febrero, miercoles
  • las presentaciones- Peru with evaluations
  • Video on Profesiones- write down any professions you hear and understand in Spanish and English

Tarea: cuaderno de gramatica pg.

el veinticuatro de febrero, martes

  • movie on Peru and full page summary
  • Sra. Kurtz is out

el veintitres de febrero, lunes

  • textbook work- chapter 2 blue book
  • Sra. Kurtz is out

el veintiun de marzo, viernes
  • quizlet.com preterit regular verbs, stem changing, car, gar and zar verbs
  • quizlet.com Hacer
  • Finish projects - print them out
  • Work on websites on wiki page
  • Quiz next week - Friday
Tarea: No

Describe the pictures- say what they are first in Spanish and use the verb "ser" + adjectives like (bonito, feo, colors, elegante, grande, pequeno)
el veinte de marzo, jueves
  • Continue working on projects
  • Rubric with guidelines for project
Tarea: workbook pg. 24
el diez y nueve de marzo, miercoles
Tarea: pg. 24 not due till Friday (period 6- worksheet today)
el diez y ocho de marzo. martes
  • Use expressions + infinitives (chores)
  • Worksheet to practice
  • Notes on expressions + infinitives
Tarea: Pg. 23 workbook- bring flash drive for projects starting tomorrow
el diez y siete de marzo, lunes
  • No School
el catorce de marzo, viernes
  • Quiz on Chapter 2 - vocab 2
  • Quehaceres - chores / notes
  • Game - TOCA with chores
Tarea: No
el trece de marzo, jueves
Tarea: Study for QUIZ on vocabulary+ ser and estar with location and description

el doce de marzo, miercoles
  • Listening activity - La cocina
  • Que es; como es? Pictures - describe what you see in Spanish. Use the verb "ser"
  • Preguntas - questions worksheet
Tarea: workbook pg. 21
el once de marzo, martes
  • Listening activity with drawing - draw what you hear (furniture - los muebles)
  • Answer questions about a house (period 1)
  • Periods 3 & 6 - finish house worksheet from yesterday
Tarea: workbook pg. 19
el diez de marzo, lunes
  • Video - the house and directions - on piece of paper, students will write location of furniture and rooms and copy new vocabulary words; did not collect- keep it as notes
  • complete a second house paper with a picture of a house (periods 3 and 6 did not finish- will complete it tomorrow in class)
  • Collect warm-ups from last week this Friday
Tarea: Vocabulary worksheet pg. 15 (period 6- subwork from Friday- if not completed)
el siete de marzo, viernes
  • Substitute
    • Read pg. 402-403 and answer questions 1-5
    • Read pg. 404-405 and answer questions 1-5
    • Read pg. 406-407 and answer questions 1-6
    • Write a summary of all three of the above readings
el seis de marzo, jueves

Subwork- I was not in class
vocabulario 2
Tarea: vocabulario worksheet pg. 15
el cinco de marzo, miercoles
period 3- no class
  • Using "estar" with location of furniture
  • notes handout
  • activity locating furniture
  • Partido- game with vocab
el veintiocho de febrero, viernes
  • Quiz on saber x conocer
  • Make up day for any assignments not completed or turned in
Tarea: No
el veintisiete de febrero, jueves

with a partner; on separate sheet of paper; write and talk about what do you see in each picture. Name two

things per picture.

Saber X conocer

Reasons for saber X conocer
  • Finish notes on house
  • conocer x saber practice
  • Quiz tomorrow
Tarea: Study quiz

el veintiseis de febrero, miercoles
  • New house vocabulary (NOTES)
  • Quiz on Friday - saber / conocer and culture
  • Saber vs. conocer song and post-it notes activity + written activity
Tarea: Describe what you see in the picture for each room of the house.
el veinticinco de febrero, martes
  • Song with saber x conocer
  • Worksheets with saber vs. conocer
  • Quiz Friday - Saber vs. conocer + culture (Machu Picchu)
Tarea: Crossword puzzle with saber vs. conocer
el veinticuatro de febrero, lunes
  • Machu Picchu video - 10 important facts on paper
  • Saber x Conocer verbs pg. 52 - textbook
  • White boards to practice conjugations
Tarea: workbook pg 17 (second half only) with saber / concer
el veintiún de febrero, viernes
  • Quiz on vocab - professions and intros
  • Video on Cuzco and Macchu Picchu - write 10 important facts in your opinion on paper
Tarea: No
el veinte de febrero, jueves
Tarea: Study for quiz
el deicinueve de febrero, miercoles
  • Create and present role play - see rubric
  • Hot potato with vocab - professions
Tarea: workbook pg. 11
el dieziocho de febrero, martes
  • Review what people do as their professions (took notes in class- copy from classmate)
  • Introducing people - create a role play
    • Introduce a neighbor to another person. Ask what they do for a living; ther person must respond - ther person must also say what they do as part of their profession - include other introductions as you like (did not complete today)
  • Present Role Play to the class for a grade (did not get to complete this today- 1 hr delay)
Tarea: workbook pg. 14
el catorce de febrero, viernes
  • Quiz on professions
  • Speed dating game with vocabulary
Tarea: No
el trece de febrero, jueves
Tarea: Study for quiz tomorrow
el doce de febrero, miercoles
  • Partido - game with professions
  • Drawings with professions and presentations to class
Tarea: Pick 15 professions masculine and feminine - write down masculine & feminine forms.
Quiz this Friday on masculine & feminine forms - professions
el once de febrero, martes
  • What people do for their professions - worksheet
  • Draw your profession - include: me gustaria ser (profession in Spanish), why you like this profession, what do you do as part of this profession
Tarea: workbook pg. 13 / quiz Friday on professions
el diez de febrero, lunes
  • Period 6 - finish presentations
  • Ser worksheet with professions (not a grade; notes only)
  • Video - Cual es tu profesion? Soy...
  • Partner conversation - cards / cual es tu profesion?
Tarea: Workbook pg. 18
el siete de febrero, viernes
  • Substitute - Periods 1, 3 & 6
    • Finish indentifying pictures from yesterday's paper (Do Not Turn In)
    • Pg. 48 activity #2; Pg. 49 activies 3 & 4
    • Complete the reading on pages 56-57 and answer questions 1-5
    • Turn in all work except for notes (paper with pictures)
    • If finish early: draw a profession you are interested in pursuing. Write in Spanish what it is
Tarea: No
el seis de febrero, jueves
  • Take notes from textbook - pgs. 47-48
  • Hand outs with notes
  • Period 1 & 3 - Bingo with new vocab
  • Period 6 - Finish presentations
Tarea: Workbook pg. 15