el siete de abril, lunes
  • Movie Buenos Aires - culture
  • Write a 1/2 page summary + 3 recommendations in Spanish about Buenos Aires using the subjunctive
Tarea: worksheet with subjunctive
el cuatro de abril, viernes
  • Buenos Aires movie and worksheet
  • Collect Post Cards and worksheets
Tarea: No
el tres de abril, jueves
  • Finish post cards / work online subjunctive worksheet
Tarea: No
el dos de abril, miercoles
  • PBT - chapter 10 - write a postcard to another Spanish student here at Mardela
  • Start today - finish by Friday at the latest
Tarea: use UWEIRDO to create 7 sentences in the subjunctive
el primero de abril, martes
  • UWEIRDO acronym ofr the subjunctive - PPT
  • Song with subjunctive
  • Worksheet with reasons for subjunctive and song lyrics
  • Sharades with vocab - maybe
Tarea: worksheet wiht sentences
el vientiocho de marzo, viernes
  • Quiz Chapter 10 vocab B (2)
  • Speaking activity - subjunctive notes
  • Finish translations from yesterday - groups and half sheet of paper
Tarea: No (next week - work on PBT projects)
el veintisiete de marzo, jueves
  • Translate sentences with groups of 4 students. Pass papers around and translate them.
  • Subjuntivo charts - notes U-WEIRDO
  • Speaking activity with subjunctive; activities
Tarea: Chart with present and subjunctive
el veinticinco de marzo, martes
  • Review vocab with a game
  • Worksheet pg 96
  • Speaking activity with pictures using subjunctive and preterite
Tarea: Subjunctive worksheet - both sides with present and subjunctive tenses
el veinticuatro de marzo, lunes
  • Vocab 2 chapter 10
  • Subjunctive and present tense conjugations chart worksheet + preterite and imperfect
  • Cuaderno de actividades pg 95
  • Speaking activity - questions - use new vocab
  • Quiz Friday - new vocab + subjunctive
TareaL pg.
el veintiun de marzo, viernes
  • Categorias - worksheet
  • Ojala que llueva cafe worksheet and map
  • Ojala que llueve cafe PPt presentation
  • Partner activity with vocab
  • Quiz next Friday - subjunctive and vocab B.
Tarea: No
el veinte de marzo, jueves
  • Ojala que llueva cafe en el campo You will complete all activities: listen to the song (cancion); look at the galeria de fotos to relate to what the song is about; click on traduccion (translate the song) and then go ahead and click on ejercicios and complete subjunctive forms # 1, 2 and 3. PREGUNTAS?? SEE SRA. KURTZ
  • Computers - Ojala que website with music and activities - vocab - subjunctive
Tarea: worksheet pg. 93
el diez y nueve de marzo, miercoles
  • Write sentences with pictures - around the room
  • Speaking in groups / partners - beach scene (Te recomiendo que... + subject)
Tarea: Worksheet with activity #17 from book
el diez y ocho de marzo, martes
  • Use subjunctive with recommendations; advice and opinions
  • Pictures - write sentences
  • Speaking activity with Beach picture
Tarea: pg. 114
el diez y siete de marzo, lunes
  • No School
el catorce de marzo, viernes
  • Quiz on Chapter 10 vocab 1 and subjunctive
  • Finish presenting "Ojala que" projects
Tarea: No
el trece de marzo, jueves
quizlet.com vocabulario capitulo 10
  • quizlet.com- el subjuntivo conjugation
  • quizlet.com- irregulars in the subjunctive
  • Present Ojala que projects (5 volunteers) and only 1 wish per student
Tarea: Study for quiz - vocab + study-
el doce de marzo, miercoles
  • Create a magic lamp with 4 wishes & decorate the lamp & share with the class
  • Finish worksheet from yesterday on subjunctive
Tarea: workbook pg. 106
el once de marzo, martes
  • Ojala que in sentences - worksheet
  • Create a magic lamp - decorate and present
Tarea: workbook pg. 110
el diez de marzo, lunes
Tarea: workbook pg. 109
el siete de marzo, viernes
  • Substitute
    • Read pgs. 290-291 and answer questions 1-4 on pg. 291
    • Read pgs. 306-307 and complete activities A and B and Actividad-Otra cultura at the bottom of pg. 307
    • Pgs. 270-275 - write a summary of the history of the Incas
el seis de marzo, jueves

el cinco de marzo, miercoles
  • jeopardy- vocabulario/verbos/recomendaciones
  • Illustrations- see worksheet in class
Tarea: Conjugate 5 verbs in the subjunctive (3 must be irregulars)
el veintiocho de febrero, viernes
  • Finish charts - verb tenses
  • Subjunctive notes
  • Subjunctive song
Tarea: No
el veintisiete de febrero, jueves
  • Verbs conjugation - charts
  • Subjunctive introduction
  • Partido with vocab words
Tarea: No
el veintiseis de febrero, miercoles
  • Partido - TOCA with vocabulary
  • Notes / Recommendations
  • Verb charts with present, preterite, imperfect, future, subjunctive, and irregulars
Tarea: Future tense worksheet
el veinticinco de febrero, martes
  • Vocabulary - introduction el turismo
  • To ask for recommendations and make them
  • To ask for information and to give info (Notes)
  • TOCA with vocab - partido
Tarea: workbook pg. 109
el veinticuatro de febrero, lunes
  • Introduction to new chapter 10
  • Argentina pictures and culture
  • Video on Argentina - write about geography, weather, population, culture, and cities in Argentina on paper
Tarea: Write about your vacation in Argentina in Spanish. Include what you would see, do, what the weather would be like, etc... use the future tense. Minimum 5 lines