El diez de febrero, martes

La Mara Salvatrucha watch about 4 min

El nueve de febrero, lunes

Voces Inocentes- terminamos la pelicula
Papel # 2
Tarea: terminar el papel # 2
el seis de febrero, viernes

el cinco de febrero, jueves
  • you will research the sites on la pandilla de "Mara Salvatrucha"
  • you then must write on paper about your findings on this dangerous gang. Make sure you write a detailed summary of what this gang represents in the U.S
  • MS-13
  • Mara Salvatrucha
  • Mara Salvatrucha- History
Tarea: no

el cuatro de febrero, miércoles
  • Papelito con preguntas sobre la película
  • Continuamos con la película de Voces Inocentes
Tarea: no
el tres de febrero, martes
Sra. Kurtz had an emergency
You will watch Voces Inocentes- pelicula completa
Tarea: no

el dos de febrero, lunes

el treinta de enero, viernes
  • Mira la informacion y complete el papel sobre El Salvador y la guerra

Las casas de carton

el veintinueve de enero, jueves

PPT El Salvador: La Guerra Civil

3. Escuchamos: Innocent Voices NPR Interview

Toma apuntes!! (7 min. 42 seconds)

el veintiocho de enero, miercoles
Sra. Kurtz was out
Book work- see plans for Spanish 4

el veintisiete de enero, martes
Sra. Kurtz was out
Choose a famous person and write about her\his dreams and goals (in Spanish)
Use computers to research
Tarea: no
el veintitres de enero, viernes
BBC Dec. 2014 Malala website
Malalawrite about Malala (worksheet with questions) PUT IT ON SEPARATE PAPER YOUR ANSWERS
  • Practica con el vocabulario de las metas y sueños
Practicamos con el vocabulario
Tarea: no
el veintidos de enero, jueves
  • mid-term exam
  • Bring something to do if you are going to be in class and is exempt
  • tarea: none
el veintiun de enero, miercoles
BBC Dec. 2014 Malala website
  • write about Malala (worksheet with questions) PUT IT ON SEPARATE PAPER YOUR ANSWERS
  • finish reading about Malala
  • tarea: mid-term exam tomorrow (if not taking it bring something to do)
el veinte de enero, martes

. Malala with Diane Sawyer Malala on Jon Stewart show
BBC Dec. 2014 Malala website

el dieciséis de enero, viernes

el quince de enero, jueves
el catorce de enero, miércoles
  • no school
el trece de enero, martes
  • compartimos (mi humilde oracion)
  • papel con las metas personales
  • personas adimirables
  • preguntas personales con las metas-inner circle
  • tarea: cuadernos (journals) use same questions from class to write on journals
el doce de enero, lunes
  • mi himilde oracion-pre work/worksheet
  • Usamos el subjuntivo para escribir que deseamos para el futuro.
Tarea: finish writing what we started in class
el nueve de enero, viernes
  • Exigimos- musica con papeles
  • quiero un novio(a) que...(subjuntivo) WEIRDOS
  • tarea: none
el ocho de enero, jueves
  • free write- mi pareja ideal
  • dibuja (draw) tu pareja ideal
  • tarea: none
el siete de enero, miércoles

  • Tu pareja ideal worksheet with questions
  • Quizas and worksheet
  • tarea: none
el seis de enero, martes
  • reading-finish it up/put reading in order and answer questions
  • WEIRDOS notes (subjunctive)
tarea: google voice "quiero un novio(a) que..." call the number (302) 907-9307 and give 5 descriptions of a novio o novia using subjunctive.

el cinco de enero, lunes

  • las meta y los suenos quiero una novia/novio que...
  • como un cuento de hadas-que recordamos del subjuntivo? (Printout)
  • quiero que twitter (show to class)
  • tarea: cloze- mi princesa

el siete de abril, lunes
  • Finish stories and present them to class
Tarea: No
el cuatro de abril, viernes
  • Continue working on stories and drawings
  • Present the projects to class
Tarea: No
el tres de abril, jueves
  • Create a story about goals o Pipanic using the preterite and imperfect
Tarea: Finish reading - packet
el dos de abril, miercoles
  • Finish packet from yesterday
  • Finish Imperfect x Preterite - PPT
  • Have students write their own stories
Tarea: Google voice - call in number and talk about your goals, dreams, objectives, etc... (302) 907-9307
el primero de abril, martes
  • Review vocabulary in groups of 3
  • Titanic story with preterito x imperfecto - PPT
Tarea: worksheet with vocabulary
el veintiocho de marzo, viernes
  • Quiz vocab and preterite + imperfect
  • Computers to review before quiz
Tarea: No
el veintisiete de marzo, jueves

Tarea: chart conjugation with preterite and imperfect
el veinticinco de marzo, martes
  • Finish timeline and present it to class
  • Reading - una entrevista con Felipe + questions worksheet
Tarea: Journals - write about your plans for the future - minimum of 10 lines. Include new vocabulary words.
el veinticuatro de marzo, lunes
  • Computers - practice with preterite / imperfect
  • New vocab 2 pgs - 292-293
  • Create a timeline with plans for the next 10 years
  • Template of a timeline - handout
  • Quiz Friday - new vocab + preterite and imperfect
Tarea: pg.
el veintiún de marzo, viernes
Jeopardy preterito
  • Preterito x imperfecto PPT - Notes
  • Worksheet to go with it
  • Jeopardy preterito
  • Quiz next Friday
Tarea: No
el veinte de marzo, jueves
  • Present daily routines to class
  • Speaking activity
  • Preterite and imperfect review in context
Tarea: worksheet with preterite / imperfect
el diez y nueve de marzo, miercoles
  • Continue working on daily routine illustration - atleast 6 routines
  • Present them to the class
  • Pictures on PPT - describe what people are doing/speaking with a partner
Tarea: worksheet (cuaderno de actividades)
el diez y ocho de marzo, martes
  • Use reflexives in the preterito forms
  • Draw your own routine and describe using verbs and reflexives
  • Review - preterit and imperfect and uses of imperfect- HATSHOW
Tarea: no
el diez y siete de marzo, lunes
  • No School
el catorce de marzo, viernes
  • Quiz on Chapter 7 vocab 1 and reflexives
  • Free time to catch up with late work
Tarea: No
el trece de marzo, jueves
los reflexivos
reflexives- matching
vocabulario 7A
  • Use computers to practice with reflexives and vocab
  • Present metas (goals) using reflexives to class
Tarea: Journals - write about your daily routine using reflexive verbs.
el doce de marzo, miercoles
  • Write new goals using all 14 new reflexive verbs from yesterday
  • Use big posters
Tarea: No
el once de marzo, martes
  • Finish work online with reflexives
  • Sentences with new reflexives - casarse, graduarse, criarse, expresarse, preocuparse, comunicarse, acostumbrarse, esforzarse, quedarse, mudarse, enojarse, bularse, reirse, quejarse - on big posters - one poster per student
Tarea: workbook pg. 77
el diez de marzo, lunes
  • QUIZ- VIERNES on reflexives/metas y suenos

Tarea: Pick 6 reflexive verbs from list and conjugate them.
el siete de marzo, viernes
  • Read pgs. 408-409 and answer questions 1-5
  • Read pgs. 410-411 and answer questions 1-5
  • Read pgs. 418-419 and answer questions 1-5
  • If time allows, write a summary of all the readings or pick another reading and answer the questions.
el seis de marzo, jueves
  • Not in class; subwork
el veintiocho de febrero, viernes
  • List of admirable people - continue
  • Students will create a poster with the person (celebrity) they admire the most
    • Must find pictures online - print them out
    • Write on posters:
      • Who is it?
      • Why do you admire this person? What are some qualities that he or she has
      • How do you relate to this person; in what way?
Tarea: No
el veintisiete de febrero, jueves
  • Metas - tweets worksheet
  • Personas admirables worksheet
Tarea: No
el veintiseis de febrero, miercoles
  • Finish metas and suenos posters
  • Speaking activity in partners
  • Metas personales worksheet
Tarea: google voice due Thursday @ 7:45 am
el veinticinco de febrero, martes
  • Vocabulary around the room - words / meanings
  • Play fly swater game with pictures
  • Use vocabulario in sentences - mis METAS + subj.
Tarea: Google voice - talk about a goal (meta) you have for yourself in Spanish. Make sure to mention atleast 3 things.
el veinticuatro de febrero, lunes
  • Present journals / newspapers to class
  • Introduction of Chapter 7 - mis aspiraciones
  • TOCA with new vocab
Tarea: pg. 61; worksheet - vocab