el veintiun de febrero, viernes
  • Finish working on periodicos
Tarea: No
el veinte de febrero, jueves
  • Continue working on newspapers in groups
  • Quiz - vocab and subjunctive
Tarea: No
el diecinueve de febrero, miércoles

  • Research newspapers and create a new newspaper from scratch - using magazines and other sources - see rubric
Tarea: workbook pg. 67
el dieciocho de febrero, martes
  • Computadora - periodicos online. Classify what you see and write it down - words that relate to vocab
El periodico Latino
El periodico de Cataluna- Espana
  • Read the news and report any interesting news in your opinion
el catorce de febrero, viernes
  • Speed dating - make questions / worksheet
  • Movie on technology
Tarea: No
el trece de febrero, jueves
  • Complete worksheet on subjunctive
  • Finish texting in Spanish
Tarea: No
el doce de febrero, miercoles
  • Learn how to text in Spanish
  • Reading about movil - cell phone and completing worksheet (not a grade)
  • PPT on how to text in Spanish and practice texting each other in Spanish using your own movil
Tarea: no
el once de febrero, martes
  • Use wordle to create (3 sentences using all the information- expression+ verb
  • Read about La tecnologia de hoy y ayer - and answer questions
Tarea: worksheet with subjunctive
el diez de febrero, lunes
  • Finish song - Azul and worksheet
  • Wordle - create expressions of emotion about a friend ; partner and teacher
  • Add the name of the people and the subjunctive
Tarea: workbook pg. 64
el siete de febrero, viernes
  • Substitue
  • Copy notes from pages 339 (expresate box) and 341 (expresate box). Keep these notes on a separate paper, DO NOT TURN IN
  • Read pgs. 336-337 and complete questions 1-5
  • Complete pg. 340 activity #21 & 22 (write sentences with each picture)
Tarea: No
el seis de febrero, jueves
  • Pesimista worksheet - subjunctive
  • Azul - Natalia Lapourcade - subjunctive
  • Video - listening only - then for comprehension

Tarea: No
el cinco de febrero, miércoles
  • Quiz - vocab 1: chapter 6 + subjunctive
  • Review conjugations answers from yesterday
  • Computadoras - games with subjunctive + vocab
Vocabulariocapitulo 6
DISHESirregulars in the subjunctive
Tarea: masculine or feminine worksheet
el cuatro de febrero, martes
  • Subjunctive / pesimista - worksheet / speaking
  • Subjunctive / certanity - worksheet
  • Conversation questions - tu pareja ideal using subjunctive
Tarea: Google voice - describe your ideal partner - (302) 907 - 9307
el tres de febrero, lunes
  • Complete worksheets on subjunctive
Tarea: No
el treinta y un de enero, viernes
  • Group work - strips - examples / situations / reactions
  • Forming sentences with pics / subjunctive
  • El subjuntivo la duda / worksheet
Tarea: No
el veintiocho de enero, martes
  • Partner activity with vocab
  • Subjuncive sentences with pictures
Tarea: Subjunctive with certainty / doubt worksheet
el veintisiete de enero, lunes
  • Present projects to class
  • Review subjunctive - weirdo
  • PPT - subjunctive conjugations
Tarea: Noticias worksheet
el diecisiete de enero, viernes
  • Work on projects - La tecnologia de hoy
  • Last day for project
  • If more time is needed - Finish over the weekend
Tarea: No
el dieciseis de enero, jueves
  • Start a project on technology
  • Partido / quick game
Tarea: No
el quince de enero, miercoles
  • weirdo - subjunctive - review
  • Vocabulario - Las noticias
el catorce de enero, martes

  • Chapter 6 intro new vocab - PPT
  • Activities in class from slides on paper
Tarea: workbook pg.
el trece de enero, lunes
  • Substitute
Tarea: No
el diez de enero, viernes
  • Computers - practice

musica and worksheet
Tarea: no
el nueve de enero, jueves
  • Finish resolutions 2014 and present them to class
Tarea: no
el ocho de enero, miercoles
  • Que Paso en 2013 - worksheet conversation
  • Fotos de 2013 ppt - miramos y hablamos
  • Propositos sample worksheet
Tarea: No
el siete de enero, marte
  • Substitute
el seis de enero, lunes
  • Substitute - Reading & questons worksheet