viernes, el doce de junio
  • go to the main page for Spanish 3 and see what you need to know for your final exam
  • Final exam- Last day for projects. You must turn them in today!
jueves, el once de junio
  • Finish projects and print
miércoles, el diez de junio
  • Work on projects- Eva Peron
martes, el nueve de junio
  • Work on projects- Eva Peron
Tarea: none
lunes, el ocho de junio
  • Finish watching a movie on Argentina and questions
  • Rubric- Spanish Biography Individual project
Tarea: Final exam review online

viernes, el cinco de junio
  • Argentina video- slide shows
  • Rubric- final project
  • Take detailed notes on the topics on the worksheet
Tarea: none